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Hyphenated last name: good idea or not?

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first of all, my maiden name (Eixenberger) barely fits on a legal line form anyway. If I was to hyphenate it with my married last name, it would take up almost two lines. So NO!


For me I'd never hyphenate my child's last name. But I've noticed a lot of people lately hyphenating their children's name. I think the main reason I'm against it is because I think it's to long of a name.


I think this is a personal decision and up to each couple to decide . I took my husbands name when we were married so we all have the same last name . For couple that are not married or the mother has kept her name it can be a good idea or some people just chose for the baby to have the fathers last name . You need to decide what works best for you and your partner .


For my husband and I we decided it's a good idea since I didn't take his last name for our daughter when she's born to get both our last names hyphenated, we're not sure yet whether to put his last name first or mine, but either way we want her to have both.


We talked about it again last night and he told me that with our daughter taking his last name is the only thing he can give her right now. And that since I'm pregnant with her, I get to have a special connection with her and he doesn't. He also said that I'm going to be her mom and there's nothing more special than that. I told him that if we hyphenated our last names then I wouldn't be the only one without his last name. I'll feel left out. Then he told me with everything that's happened he still would like to marry me one day and that he hasn't ruled it out.


I hyphenated my last name until my husband was able to legally adopt our daughter. I didn't want her to be the only one of us that was 'different.' After it was complete, I dropped the maiden name and proudly took my husband's!

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Hyphenated last name: good idea or not?
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