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Preschool vs No Preschool

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I didn't send any of my children to preschool, and I only sent my two daughters to kindergarten. I was amazed at how much my girls learned in kindergarten! My older daughter learned to read, and my younger daughter learned to speak Spanish fluently.


I put my son in preschool the year before he started kindergarten. I'll be doing the same for my daughter this fall. They stay at home with me and aren't used to a daycare or school environment so I wanted them to have that experience and socialization before sending them off to elementary school. Kindergarten here is full day. That's a lot of time for kids who aren't used to being out that long.


these days preschool is probably better for a child to attend cause in kindergarten they start them with with letters and numbers but by the end they are adding subtracting counting to at least 100 and reading.


Children who had attended early childhood educational programs had academic skills such as mathematics skills, color recognition, and the literacy abilities to identify letters and understand language. Additionally, attending preschool can help the young child build social skills. While kids who don't go to a preschool program can still develop prosocial abilities through interactions with neighborhood children, siblings and even adults, the school environment provides an ideal opportunity to develop these skills within a group setting.


preschool has literally been life changing for my family. My oldest will graduate from preschool in two weeks (she goes 3 hrs a day, 5 days a week) and it has been a tremendous year if growth and development. It's not so much the academics, because we actively worked with her and she really entered preschool knowing what she needed to know by the years end, but socially it has been invaluable. She has amazingly teachers and I think it is going to make her transition into kindergarten so much smoother simply because she already knows how school works and what to expect. I had no idea how much growing she would do this year, and how much it is needed at this age level. Preschool was amazing!


I found out my daughter has a speech problem because she is in preschool. To me she is fine. But they say other wise. I agree that it helps with social skills. My daughter had no social interaction with her own age group before she started preschool. I see a huge difference in her attitude now too. We'll besides from her wanting to act like a baby.... But she is trying to be like her brother... She learned how to be nice without mom telling her to.

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Preschool vs No Preschool
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