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Moms, how important is playing sports for children

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We haven't pushed them either way with the sports thing but I also haven't wanted to be driving all over hither and yon with eight children either. We try to go with their interests.


Hubs and I have discussed what we're going to do if our kids DO play sports. I played in elementary school, but we're NERDS. We won't even know what to do with a sporty kid, lol, unless hubs wants to introduce him/her to forging or Nerf wars!


I've been in Tae Kwon Do my entire life and I absolutely love it. I teach now and I'm testing for my 5th degree black belt in 2015. I'm definitely going to have all of my kids give it a try, but I won't force it on them.

I will make them stick it out through the whole session though, I believe in finishing what you start, but once it's done it's their choice if they want to continue.


I plan on putting all 3 of my kids in sports, i was in gymnastics and swimming so hopefully they will do that too.

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Moms, how important is playing sports for children
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