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Have you used Once Upon a Child resale?

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I've been there, but don't go much. I had a hard time swallowing their prices as I couldn't find anything for under $5, I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere. We couldn't resell any of our clothes. Guess our store is more particular.


I always stop at Goodwill and Once Upon a Child first when shopping for Avery. Seriously, how could I pass up clothes for $1.99? Goodwill was a little bit of a bust, but we did find a nice pair of denim shorts that still had the tags on them!

Once Upon a child turned out to be the best choice. We'd already packed up a whole bunch of stuff Avery outgrew and brought that with us. We gave it to the front desk for them to price out while we shopped. I found sooo much cute stuff. Some of it was only 50 cents! I ended up with more then I had on my list, but all together it only cost $20. We went to the counter and they offered us $54 dollars for Avery's old stuff! We walked out of there with basically and entire summer wardrobe for Avery and $34 in cash.


ya we usually just go to Once Upon a Child. they have name band clothes for cheeeeaaaaaaapppppp


We have so many local Once Upon a Child stores here! They buy your old kids clothes and toys and then they credit it to what you are buying!

I went in there the other day and sold them 60$ worth of clothes and bought 14 pairs of pjs and new summer clothes worth -70$ and only had to pay 12$ with tax!

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Have you used Once Upon a Child resale?
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