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Moms.com has been wonderful in helping me jump start and continue this excitement of becoming a brand new mom. I know that I can share my experiences on here without thinking that someone is going to roll their eyes and think "she's talking about her pregnancy again? her baby again?" I really appreciate all you moms out there (angel mommas, 4-legged animal mommas, earth mommas etc) for your encouragement and insight!


Moms.com is my all time favorite mom site, hands down!

I used to go to cafemom all the time when Dezmond was 6 month old and I found many lifelong friends from there that I friend with on facebook.




I am really liking this site, I feel very comfortable here and I can also jump right in and not feel like I am being judged. Everyone here has been really sweet and I love my new friends I have made.


I just wont to say this is a great web site.their is so meany great mom.It nice to no that I am not the only mom that fells like I do about my kids.It nice to share thing and other mom get what going on.It nice to know that great mom the i see on hear have wonderful ideas.


I find a lot of the other sites filled with drama and nastiness. Moms.com is my absolute favorite!

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What's your favorite mom's site?
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