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Moms, do you let your kids sleep in your bed?

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My son is a momma's boy to the heart. He has his own bed but still likes sleeping with mommie. When he do sleep in his bed, I'm constantly having to make sure he stays under the covers so he won't freeze to death. For those of you who have people in the house who have to run the AC all year round know what I'm talking about.

I wish I would have gotten him use to sleeping on his own a lot younger because now I'm having to make him do it instead of him wanting to on his own. So my advice would be to get your child(s) use to sleeping in their own bed as soon as they can talk. I wasn't comfortable with my son sleeping by himself that young because his bedroom was too far from mines. My bedroom was in the front of the house and his was one of the bedrooms down the hall on the opposite side.


Not a good idea. One of the benefits of children learning to sleep in their own beds is self soothing coping skills and becoming independent enough to help prepare for other changes in their life like leaving the home to attend school.


yes of course but not at the age of 6


Only after they have slept in there own bed for part of the night.


My daughter slept with in my bed with me from birth till she was about 6 and I couldn't stand her constantly moving and kicking any longer lol. I have a 4 week old son and he doesnt seem to care too much for sleeping in bed with me lol, He's more comfortable in his own bed I assume because he sleeps longer when he's in there. He currently sleeps in a rock n play(he loves it) in my room right next to bed.


No, my kids sleep in their own beds. All of my kids share a room with another sibling and it works out pretty good that way.


I co-slept with both of my kids and it worked really well for us. When I started doing it really it was by accident! I would take Mini into bed with me to nurse her and we would both pass out.

Bub just wouldn't sleep anywhere else. It was a matter of sleep or absolutely no sleep with him. Luckily my (now ex) husband was super supportive of co sleeping, this made it a whole lot easier to feel content with the decision.

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Moms, do you let your kids sleep in your bed?
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