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Mom, did you keep your maiden name? Why or why not?

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No I took his last name.


I'm going to take my fiance's last name once we get married in August. If I was to keep my last name, it would get confusing to people. Plus I personally believe that it is part of getting married, to change your last name to his.


I have my maiden name and married name. Alyssa Worley-Martinez. My father doesnt have any boys (nor will he ever lol) and I wanted to keep our name in the family. I go by Martinez everywhere, just use my legal name for bills and other legal stuff


Nope I took my husbands name. I had been married before and went back to my maiden name between the two marriages. I was preg with my first son, therefore I wanted him to have my last name unless we got married.


I've never been married. So I still have my maiden name, Konsdorf.


When I do get married I plan to take my husbands' last name. I feel that it's a part of marriage and should be done. Also that will be the last thing my father has and I want it gone. He has never been apart of my life so it will be like setting me free eternally from him.


I took my husband's last name because I am old-fashioned and traditional when it comes to things like this. I am a Christian, and I believe God meant marriage to be for life (minus the case of cheating and abuse). When I took my vows, I meant every word. I carry his last name and so does my son, and our future children will as well.


I was very traditional and took my husband's name when I got married. Sometimes I wish I had left it hyphenated but I think it's just me hanging onto the past. I loved my maiden name. Now there' s only two boys in the family to carry it on, so that's another reason I wish I had kept it.

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Mom, did you keep your maiden name? Why or why not?
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