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Drinking before you were pregnant: did you?

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Nope! My hubby was totally against me even going near. I would do the same for my kids too.


On occasion yes




I did. I liked to drink with dinner and at get togethers, however once I was pregnant that was it! Now that I'm done with kids, I'm will continue to drink responsibly!


I have never taken a sip nor have had the desire to. I am very strict in my Christian belief. I had an alcoholic biological father and my ex-stepfather drank as well. Alcohol destroyed my family, nearly killed my niece and a few of my sisters, a drunk driver nearly took out my mother, sister, and my infant nephew and toddler niece (at the time). I despise alcohol. I won't even cook with it. We do not allow it in our home, and neither of us drink. I would not have married him if he drank and it was vise-versa with him. He hates alcohol as much as I do. We do not condemn those who choose to do so, but it is not for us. I hope my children choose to avoid the stuff as well.

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Drinking before you were pregnant: did you?
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Wow Have times have changes there not my lil babies anymore! Love yall !!
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