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Is grounding your child effective

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Yes, at a certain age. My step-daughter gets privileges taken away. If we just "slap her on the wrist," she'll continue poor mannerisms/ behaviors as an adult because she got away with them or just had a talking to as a child/teen. It is my job as her parent to see she becomes a decent human being.


Depends on the age, grounding a teenager sends a message to them more than grounding a toddler. A toddler is going to forget what he or she has done rather quickly, a teenager should know right from wrong.


I believe it is , it has worked for us . We usually ground them from the things they really enjoy video games , friends house ect... if it is something they don't really care about then it doesnt do any good .


I believe that grounding is only effective if done the correct way. I remember growing up BEGGING my Mom to just spank me and get it over with already...the way she grounded was the worst! And it is what I will do with my son. When we were grounded when we were younger (and teenagers) we were my Mom's shadow. If Mom cleaned the kitchen, we cleaned the kitchen. If Mom went outside, we went outside.


For a toddler? no.

I would argue even as the child gets older it is not an effective discipline tool. Whenever I discipline my child I ask: What is he learning from this? I believe discipline should be about teaching them how to make the right choice next time. Grounding and time out doesn't teach that. Heck even jail has been shown to make people actually WORSE

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Is grounding your child effective
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