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What's the potential signs of autism in toddlers

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For my daughter, it was no eye contact, stimming, problems with loud noises and lights, some ocd like symptoms, no social skills, sleep issues, ADHD like symptoms and developmental delays.


Lack of eye contact and social skills (showing little interest in socializing). Not speaking or speaking fluently and then abruptly stopping (which usually happens after age 2). Showing signs of "stemming" which is a shaking or rocking body movement or flapping of arms when overly excited. Sensory overload can occur but this also happens in other children. But, if it seems to happen often and seems odd to you, contact your pediatrician is the best thing to do.

In older children and adults, an obsession with a particular subject or object, such as collecting thereof, are possible signs as well.

I have a very mild case of it (PDD-NOS) I was fascinated with dinosaurs and coins (which is normal) but also batteries (not normal). I had friends but very little and preferred playing with my Legos and Erector set compared to anything else. I also did not speak and would not make eye contact.


Impaired social development ,lack of eye contact , repetetive or self stimulatory behaviors , sensory processing

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10% of kids diagnosed with ASD are identified by age four. Young kids with autism need more family support to be successful, Help your child fit in. Cultivate a talent. Find kids with similar interests. Consider seeking a possible adult mentor who is empathics and support's your child's interest, whether it is an artist, chess player, history buff, or computer expert.

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With autism on the rise it is a real concern to be on the alert to symptoms like these but I also think children can have one or more of these "issues" and be normal.

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What's the potential signs of autism in toddlers
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