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well, my 8 year old. Let me tell you. Not sure what's wrong with him, a team full of doctors couldn't figure that out. We never let him touch a single barbie or girls toy, yet he has a lisp. I'm currently looking into his classroom situation to see if a teacher may have allowed him to have a female toy while in the classroom and therefore caused his disability, there will be a lawsuit if I do find this truth....Other than that, he's kinda intelligent ( but requires a lot of help with his homework) He enjoys making up jokes, but they're not very good yet and has a very clear grasp of the inevitable heat death of our universe and the resulting anxiety that goes along with that massive knowledge

My four year old was born with 9 toes but we love him nonetheless. He is a mans man and a ladies man (not bisexual) just meaning he's really tough and he already loves women...the other day at the grocery store he made eye contact with a women for 45 seconds and she smiled and he smiled. (I asked her for her number for when he's older) I'm thinking he's going to be super promiscuous in the future. We are currently trying to get him to stop crying under all circumstances to maintain his masculinity in the future. My four year old is brilliant in knowing his animals, not so brilliant in naming the desperate housewives and doesn't have a limp at all despite having only 9 toes!


My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD so he is moody many times but otherwise he is competitive, energetic and silly.
My daughter is obsessed with reading (at 7 is reading chapter books), imaginative, friendly, helpful, emotional, sweet.
My toddler is fearless, playful, sweet, adorable, energetic.


My child is spoiled rotten, but she is cute, adorable, loving, playful, energetic young toddler


My son is happy go lucky. He's always excited to learn new things. He's got a fussy side that only shows when he's sick, tired, or doesn't want his diaper change. he loves being silly and making silly faces. He will do everything he can to comfort those he loves. He will try anything once cuz he's a daredevil like his daddy. He loves to give hugs and kisses away. He doesn't know a stranger yet knows when he should alert us that a new person is approaching him. He's very vocal about how he feels at each moment. And he may be one and still learning to walk but he loves to dance!


My daughter is stubborn, independent, sweet when she wants to be, clever, and very friendly.

My son is spirited, rambunctious, loving, sweet, friendly, affectionate, curious, and intelligent.

My children have some of the same qualities, but they are different from one another.


Beautiful and perfect in every way! She is very determine, Genius, Fearless and funny.

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How would you describe your child?
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