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Buying baby things: new or used?

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I buy almost everything used for Lucas. That, or it's a hand down from Abby lol. We of course buy him brand new binkys or bottle nipples, but everything else pretty much is used. Furniture, clothing, some toys, books, all used. We do our best to clean and sanitize everything though


Things that shouldn't be bought used: car seats because you don't know the history of them - if a seat is ever in a crash, even just a small fender bender it should be replaced. Shoes. I didn't know about shoes until just recently when I found out shoes change shape to fit our feet - buying them used means they won't form to your child's foot and may not fit right

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Baby checklist. Month 6
1. Baby can feed herself with a spoon! I’m not sure how much she is actually eating, because she makes a huge mess, but hey, she is having a blast.
Buying baby things: new or used?
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Can't believe my lil man is 6 months already!!!
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