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Children who see ghosts: how to react?

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I thought my son was the only one who said they saw ghosts. The first time he said he saw a ghost he was terrified. He didn't wanna go back into the bedroom. I had to "spray" for ghosts. But even still he wound up sleeping with me. Then two more times he did it but wasn't scared so much. I have no idea who/what he saw but kinda freaks me out as well. lol


My oldest had a best friend who died of cancer a year ago. She would say before bed "Come Autumn, brush teeth." I would say, "goodnight, she would say goodnight back and then she would say " night night Autumn, bye" I think some kids can just sense them.


I think young children are so innocent that they have not been conditioned and programmed that certain things are there and other things are not. They see through a veil, so to speak. Things that we are shut off from seeing. However, many people 'feel' or 'sense' it. My daughter was about 3 when she was talking to someone in the room, and at first I tossed it aside. But then the next night she said 'bye Katie' and I was at the end of the bed and responded to her by asking 'oh yeah? Well, where is Katie now?" She pointed to the window and said, 'waving to me in the window.' It was different but didn't scare me.


We used to hear my oldest speaking thru the baby monitor when she was between 2-3 three years old, at first we thought she was talking in her sleep and then we realized that she was seeing or feeling something in her room. It would always start as a conversation and end up with her crying and getting scared. That was a tough thing to get thru with her.


I have see/felt/heard spirits on and off through out my life.

When my son Cordero was about 4 we moved to an apartment complex and occassionaly a neighbor cared for him. A few times she went to check on him during nap time and he appeared to be playing pat a cake. Later I observed the same in our apartment. You could actually see his hands moving back as though another child were also playing. I never saw the spiirt but was told later a child had passed in my neighbors apartment.

As some of you know I lost 2 babies to SIDS. Mandalynne was two months 1 week old.I had a hard time boning with her and felt a lot of guilt when she died. This was worsened when someone at her funeral said "babies only die like this when their mother doesn't love them enough". I went intoo a deep depression and was considering suicide. She came to me, appearing to be about 8 years old, and said "I know you love me".

Later when Robert was born and came home from the hospital I showed him a picture of her that hung on the wall. I said "this is your big sister Mandalynne she is in Heaven". He smiled the biggest smile (not gas) and his whole face lit up like a sunbeam. He was only 1 or 2 days old but there was no denying the smile or the fact that he knew his sister.


well, it runs in my family on my paternal grandmother's side. My youngest daughter had an experience that scared me. we had went to th e store and when we came home, my little girl walked into the living room and screamed. she told us that she saw a man standing by the couch. Now my boyfriend and I looked all around that apartment. We didnt see any one. She would not go back into the living room.
I went into the living room and told whatever it was to leave and it was not welcome here. i told it to go to god. that made her feel better, but i was creeped out by the whole thing.
i told my pastor about what happened and he said, dont tell her she didnt see it. he told me to pray over her. Children can see spirits, angels and others. There hasn't been another episode since then.
I think if you keep calm and let them see or hear you do something to help, it calms them.


My son is guarded by my friends step dad who commuted suicide when Bentley was six weeks old. Scott(the ghost) frequently visits us wether it be driving or just relaxing. It doesn't scare me or Bentley and bentleys personality is kind of similar to Scott's. I'd just explain to him as he gets older that Scott's harmless and just wants to protect him.


I wouldn't be too scared my son and daughter were like that... My son would cry when I would go in the house next door it was where my god father passed (it was his house) hes still there... my old neighbors came to me to tell me that the toys would come on without batteries... we told them it was ok... my godfather loved kids... It is possible that they can see them when they get older for some special people it doesn't stop... I have seen a ghost or two (I am Indian by blood and African American) and I was raised to not be scared... some spirits need to be told to go into the light and that it is ok....Some are just angels that watch over... There is nothing to be afraid of you have faith in God... Where there is faith there is no worry!


My 4 1/2 yr old saon Kayne, says the strangest things sometimes about god. They are beautiful and admirable, although sometimes, are slightly.. Well I'm not sure how it makes me feel. He's always asking about heaven and talking about how god is who's in the UFO's that fly around the sky? WT heck?! He is obsessed with aliens and we don't even allow him to watch a dam scary thing, so not sure where all of this comes from. Although, he loves God and everything that he says points to my belief that God is very specs al to him. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me though to be perfectly blunt.. Like, dear GOD, please don't take my special Angel from me? It leaves me nervous sometimes and not knowing how to deal w it. If I were a more Godly or Christian woman I imagine I would understand this more. I have faith in GOD and love him very much(both my angel and god) and truly believe all I can do is reassure my son that GOD loves him to and heaven is a wonderful world where we all get to spend eternity together. Because sometimes he cries and says he does not want to go to heaven :(

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Children who see ghosts: how to react?
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