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Children in the shower alone: what age?

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I would say 9-10...my daughter still doesn't get clean around her areas down there so my hubby helps make sure she gets clean there. She is 5 and loves showers and doesn't mind us helping her.


both of mine since about 4 1/2 and they r 8 and 6 now


I would say 8-10...my daughter never got clean in her "areas" so my hubby would help her when she was still around 6-7...she's fine now though


I believe when you feel like they can clean themselves correctly..our 4 year old girl still doesn't get the concept of wiping front to back so I do it for her,,she can rinse out her hair but not quite wash it and can rinse off soap suds but not clean herself correctly..I believe once you feel that your child is capable of cleaning themselves you will know I don't know if it's based on age because all children develop at different paces


You will know when they are ready, they will come out clean and their hair will be washed correctly. It can be as young as 5 and up to about 8. My little ones still like the tub :)


Violet's only 2, so she's definitely not old enough. I was about 7 or 8 when I started showering alone, but for a very long time, probably up until I was about to hit puberty, I would bathe with my twin sister. Not all of the time, but on occasion. I think that as long as you know that they are washing well and not making too big of a mess or anything, that your child should go ahead and shower alone. I'd say, personally, that 7 or 8 is probably an appropriate age.

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Children in the shower alone: what age?
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