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Children believe in Santa: healthy or unhealthy

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Both of my boys know GOD is Santa. I told them at an early age to pray to GOD for what you want. No need in wasting your time trying to write a letter to the North Pole. I'm not wasting a stamp. Get on your knees and pray to GOD that your Christmas is blessed. However, I also encouraged them to respect others wishes to believe.


in my home I taught my oldest about Santa and about Christmas the way I was taught. We still celebrate Santa Claus and Christmas but we focus on the true reason for the holiday.
My oldest daughter showed me a picture that spoke volumes, It was a picture of Santa Claus kneeling at the baby Jesus's manger.


I believe they are only children for so long, believing in Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all of those are their innocence. It is a good thing in a world that expects these children to grow up so fast.


I don't see any harm in believing in Santa Clause. It was always fun to learn about the real St. Nicholas and the man behind the legend and how we get the name from the German word Sinterklaus. It adds magic and history to Christmas and it's not just a holiday to get presents.


well santa is a good teaching tool he represents that if you do good things it won't go unnoticed and you will be rewarded for it. However his origin is derived from nimrod who was an evil character who despite all his killing and bad deeds managed to give a present to his wife or mother ( i cannot remember which).

on his birthday which is december 25th Christ's birthday is when the Mexican people celebrate it. which is some time in june or july
so keep in mind that the diety that is celebrated is in a sense pagan but not associated with most pagan religions. only really one or two.
take from this what you will. What i looked up is Nimrod tree and you can find more information there on it.


Even being Christians, we allow our children to believe in Santa Clause so they can still have innocence, wonder, and imagination. It is also fun playing Santa while they sleep. But, we still tell them what the holiday is also about: Jesus.
And, actually, St. Nick was a real person.


I completely agree, Sarah! I also have raised my children to believe this, and I also added that St. Nicholas was a real person once, so my kids never had to deal with other children telling them that Santa wasn't real. They already knew that it was the spirit they believed in, not an actual person. :)


I might not be Christian but I have raised my son to believe in the spirit of Santa.He's 11 now & still believes in Santa. To me Santa is more than just a jolly ol' man who brings presents to children on Christmas eve...he represents the spirit of Christmas itself in a way...Hope, Unconditional Love for others & the Spirit of giving. He asked once what happens when children stop believing in Santa--I told him it's not that Santa ever left them they just stopped believing in his spirit. Children & adults need to stop thinking about the materialistic side of Santa but start believing in his spirit.


very healthy. I believe in the magic of Christmas. We all need to have some fantasy in our lives.

I have been married to "Santa" for the last 29 years.


I believe children are fine believing in Santa Claus. It's great for children to have imaginations and to believe in things. Especially if the family is really into Christmas and celebrate like there is a Santa Claus. I have two children ages 11 and 15 and they still believe in Santa Claus and I believe in the magic of Christmas also. Eventually children will find out there is no Santa but who are we to decide when that is.

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Children believe in Santa: healthy or unhealthy
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