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How did you celebrate your baby's 1st birthday?

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First, we dropped him off with a babysitter. then my DH and I headed to a restaurant where I ordered the noodles with butter and salt. and he ordered the noodles with butter and salt. we sat for about 18 minutes in complete silence revering the once beautiful time we had as a couple that for the last year has been dashed from our hands violently. After half our foods were complete, we head home to collect our son. We have a simple family tradition that involves a gift given to my fathers father father and passed down since. The gift is a switch that was used my my great-great-grandfather to discipline his children. This gift instills the inital fear and love we want our child to have for us. He does not understand the whip, he thinks it is a toy. But later, he will come to understand the consequences of his actions BECASUE of the whip. this is very important in my family.


a thanks giving party with the family...


Just had family and friend over and had cake and ice cream and snacks. I did get him a smash cake to let him play in himself. Don't do too much the baby is only 1 and will doesn't know about parties yet. (its more to satisfy yourself lol)


We did a party at chuckecheese..I felt bad because it was for baby who was turning 1 and sissy who was turning 4,,their bdays are a month apart didn't really have the money to spend on 2 parties back to back..but son had a blast running around and being held by all of the family,,he was very occupied and him and sissy slept 14 hours straight!!so overall a success


My daughter's first birthday was Princess Ducky themed, she had family watch her try her first bite of banana cake and got lots of fun gifts. Very simple and fun.

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How did you celebrate your baby's 1st birthday?
12/05/17Moment of the day
Made a Bouquet out of items collected on a nature walk with my toddler & pre-schooler <3
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