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Once upon a time, boredom was a thing, but it's not anymore, lol. I actually think my boredom in my youth came from a place of depression, and that when I felt happy and with people, I never felt bored.

Now, though, I'm a mom, lol, so my chores and spending time with my baby take up all of my time. I do still try to keep up with TV and books on my commute, though!


Bored it would be nice to feel that at times.

when I have down time for me and my daughter has all of her needs cared for and my husband has all of what he needs as well, I do something I like to do such as reflect on myself and my life. I dream of things I would like to do and make plans to actively work toward them.

Dare to dream again and test the limits of life b/c you are the only person who can and will hold you back!!


To be honest? I rarely get bored and even if I say it half heartedly it's when I am procrastinating. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it most days. I love being busy and can tend to burn myself out. I have been working on establishing a better balance though. :)


Now when I'm bored I just get on moms.com :)

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Moms, what do you do when you're bored
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