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So, after surgery I knew I would need to rest and I have done that but I am still hurting.

I can't get up and play with the kids. I can't do much of anything and I feel horrible about it.

I am so tired of hurting and feeling like the worst mom in the world. :(


THEN there's the food postings that some 9 year old prodigy cooked for her parents AFTER her freakin' violin performance...

I know that Facebook is a place where moms and alike show the best parts of themselves

There's just a few of "those"moms on there.. and I actually like most of them very much

Do I suck as a mom that I got nothing to boast about EXCEPT that my kids are just generally awesome and played outside for most of yesterday and then we played UNO and made popcorn?


I feel like I am a bad mom sometimes cause I go out with my friend to dinner and hangout at her house only once a week I do work and help take care of the house I love my kids to death but they get really sad when I leave the house I work Monday-Friday only 9 am- 2pm and come home after work unless I have to go wash clothes or have a doctor apt


I want to have more structure in my baby's life, but I am struggling. My husband and I have odd working hours.

I suppose, technically, she's getting all of her sleep, and that's really what's most important, but I really feel like a bad mom for this sleeping schedule. As I type this, I feel like crying.

I read about so many other parents who put their babies to bed early, and I feel like I'm just ruining life for my baby.


I see all these cute ideas that people are posting to do with their kids. They are cute but I have no desire or motivation to do them and if I do try a few ideas they all just turn out awful. I see these moms who are like super mom, clean house, happy kids, tons of crafts, etc and I just can't do it. I am getting sick of seeing all the ideas on Facebook because they just male me feel like I suck.

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Why do you feel like a bad mom
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