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Is being a teen mom as hard as people say

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My daughter Lara recently had her first child, but, after a month, herself and her boyfriend, Garett, chose to amount to adoption. They found it difficult as they were juggling school and the baby, aswell as Garett combatting being the delivery boy at pizza hut and starting his military training.


I can only tell from what I saw my oldest sister go through and even with all of the support she got it was still hard and she never got to go to college like she wanted. I know alot of the teen moms in my hometown are on welfare.


For me personal it is hard and easy at the same time. I do understand that there are teens out there who have no support whatsoever. I am lucky to have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Now I am 18 years old with an 8 month old as of today. Some days are hard and some easy but there's no way I'd want it any other way.


While it was hard to go to school and raise me along with my father, my mother moved in with my grandmother (my dad's mom) and they all helped in raising me. I believe it takes a village to raise a child because growing up, I knew a lot of my family members and their names (my mother made up their name signs to me so I can understand who and who better.)

I believe if a teen mom makes their life better by completing high school or attend a online class, have a family that support them, have the ability to raise a child alone or with their boyfriend, they will be set for life.


Teens are not "grown up" yet. They're still needing the attention that they would now be giving to a baby. Someone has to have a job to financially support the child and teens are still in high school (or should be) so they cannot afford for their baby to be in daycare while they're in school, and then work, and then have no time with their baby who so desperately needs them. If you are lucky enough to have family to fill in the for the "daycare" portion then that is a HUGE toll on them as well.


I was a teen mom at young age of 16 1/2. It sucked. Back in 1990 was before there was alot of teen moms or help. I learned tho one thing..that it wasn't all about me.


That being said, I have to be honest and say that I think it is not ideal by any means to have a baby when you are not that far from being a baby yourself! In many situations, the mother is just not ready or mature enough for the responsibilities and decisions that come with having a child.

I also think that shows like Teen Mom (or whatever it's called) inappropriately glamorize teen motherhood and do not accurately reflect all of the challenges.


It sucks being a teen mom

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Is being a teen mom as hard as people say
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