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When can children bathe or shower alone

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I started having my kids shower when they felt ready for my son he was 4 and my daughter was 4 as well I think. They are very independent when it comes to learning things like that they pick things up fairly quickly because they see someone else do it like roller skating or riding a bike.


They way our house is laid out, the bathroom ( we only have one) it right off the kitchen, so I am able to usually let my daughter (4) play in the bathtub while I clean up the kitchen from dinner, or cook dinner or while I help my son do school stuff.

My son stopped taking baths alone and moved up to showers right before he started Kindergarten this year.


Checking every now & then sometimes they played in the bath tub wanted to stay longer....


our son maki is 5 years old he just started taking baths alone we do listen out if things get to slient then we worrie out daughter who is three we do not let her take a bath alone


My son is 9 and just a few months ago wanted me no where near him in the tub or shower.

My daughter would go everywhere naked so that's not an issue. She's 7. She has mostly been washing herself for a year now.

I check her before she gets out. Make sure she's rinsed and got her face and feet. My son handles, but ill check on him ever 5 minutes and remind him to rinse clear, get the hiney crack good and face and feet.

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When can children bathe or shower alone
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