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Why am I baby crazy

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I know how you feel I was the same way before I got pregnant. I wanted a baby so badly but I just gave up trying and told The Lord when u want me to get pregnant is when I will get pregnant and soon after that I got pregnant and that was in the middle of last year good luck


My husband and I were married two and a half years when I got pregnant. It was really hard seeing other women who were pregnant. Good luck to you!


my and my hubby wants a baby so bad so we is trying to have a baby because he really wants to be a father and I want to be mother so bad. We is praying to God real hard for a child. I really hope this year will be our year to conceive. Yall please pray for us!!


I knew I wanted kids when I was 16. I am now 24 and still have none but I am trying to conceive. I don't think that your life is complete without a little one or a few little ones running around.. I am hoping to have 3 running around some day but for now.... Lots of practice!


I'm baby crazy because I'm finally pregnant. I was baby crazy before but tried to shut off those feelings by keeping myself distracted 24/7 with other childless friends and my career path. I am finally pregnant again after my first pregnancy at 21. I am now 35. Right before I got pregnant I made the decision to ONLY send baby shower gifts because my heart would break that I wasn't pregnant and I could no longer hide the disappointment in my face. Shortly after I became pregnant.


A few weeks after my twins were born i had a epiphany about havin a 3rd child. That ship sailed when i thought about havin 2 be a single mom again. I love my children but like most women i did not plan 2 be a single mom, some men dnt realize they're not ready 2 handle the responsibility of bein a father til they get the news from their spouse, companion or significant other that they are expectin. I think i am an AWESOME single mom but wud its hard doin it alone wit no support from the father or close family such as ur mom. I wudn wish bein a single mom any woman.


I wanted children ever since I was a little girl.

My husband and I have had fertility issues, unfortunately, so that onlyy heightened the sense of baby crazy... Probably more akin to baby psychosis haha. My husband and tried for years for a baby with no luck until last year when I used Fertilitea, soy isoflavones, etc.

After that loss and the one directly following it, I kind of lost my baby craze. I don't know why exactly. Maybe fear of going through another loss. And the fact that when I was pregnant with our first the doctor brought to my attention I have some sort of autoimmune issues going on, it just makes me scared overall.


I have a son that 4yrs old and i Just got hit with the baby crazy....i just think it's time he needs some one to play with....but it's weird to me because i didnt want anymore children but i guess i do now.

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Why am I baby crazy
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