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Add a child to cell phone account: when is best age

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when they go to Junior High


12 years old


my daughter asked me for a phone a few weeks ago. Shes 7. I am not getting her a phone until i see she really needs it.


It depends on the child's schedule I think it's ok for when they have a lot of after school activities. But that would be the only time I would allow my kids to have one when they are old enough to get a job and pay for one themselves they can have it more often I'd have them on the plan but they would have to pay me it gets them used to having bills before moving out on their own. In our house they have to work hard for big things like a DS or a playstation. Otherwise just giving it to them when they want it isn't teaching them values.


One to call home, I would say middle school--if he/she is responsible enough. I would not give my children one until they were teens and then it would be a prepaid one so there would be no outrageous charges and they would use their minutes responsibly. Since Jaina has Downs, she may not get one until she is a teenager and she can comprehend the responsibility of having one.


So we added our daughter when she was 12 and our son when he was 12 as well. We figured if they needed us in an emergency,they could call us. The bill never went up there where no problems with them carrying there phones in school. The bill only started getting expensive after we started getting them androids and iphones. Now my daughter lives in NY the data is a little crazy cause she uses the GPS and our son uses Spotify and Pandora. But we tell her when she is in a buliding that has WI-FI please use it.We monitor the data plan monthly.


Well i have had all 3 of my children on my cellphone plan and they are now all off! lol All cell companies sell you the dream when you add all these people to your account..until your first bill comes in and BAM data overages, this fee that fee..sooo..we actually switched our children over to tablets. They use our wifi in our house so no data is being used. BE CAREFUL though..make sure all of the data options are off! Some of these apps can cause major overages. My kids can call us using a Facebook Messenger (yes we monitor their FB) and can also text. If you want them to have phone i would just do prepaid!

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Add a child to cell phone account: when is best age
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