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Your feelings when others are pregnant and you aren't

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It used to be heartbreaking. We were married for 11 years, during which we had an ectopic pregnancy one year after marriage, then several miscarriages before I had my daughter. It was depressing, and sometimes hard to rejoice with my friends as they announced that they were pregnant. My best friend was having a baby every year with no problem, and although I loved those babies, it really hurt. Then we kept praying, and trusting for more children, but thankful for our one precious miracle. After much prayer, we decided to adopt one child. Five months ago,we adopted a sibling group of 3 out of foster care. It's been challenging, but we would do it again. They are worth it. We are blessed.


My friend was the same she tried 4 10 years we were having kids n she wasn't went 2 hospital n every thing was fine wif her n her hubby they told her she was always thinking of kids so just 4 get about having them 3 months later she was expecting n had a wee girl.


I have a friend who is praying to God with tears for a baby. I feel really sorry for her. Though she talkes joy in others' happiness, I can see the pain in her eyes. We never realise the value of things unless we don't have them


I have baby fever right now, I want another child so bad, but its NOT a good time for my family to have a new baby. Doesnt stop me from wanting one and day dreaming about it. So with that being said I find myself getting envious that someone else has what I want right, I am happy for them but still trun a little green. I know that when the time is right for us we can try to conceive again, I am just a little impatient


I always have baby fever. We're TTC #16 now.


Being a mother is a special moment. No one can explain it.. it must be felt.. So every mother is like goddess. I feel happy to see all those goddess


I love my pregnancy period and I'm really enjoying it.


I don't "miss" being pregnant because it was so rough. I wasn't the glowing, I feel amazing type of person while pregnant. I was so sick and looked exhausted ALL THE TIME. BUT.. when I see people who are pregnant it makes me remember the birth of my children and how it feels to hold the babies in my arms. It makes me want to experience it all over again. I feel happy for them. If someone has been trying for a long time- I truly can understand how emotions can be and feeling hurt is one of those. Stay positive.

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Your feelings when others are pregnant and you aren't
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