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Is a dog licking a baby safe

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Oh and sometimes your child can get ring worm if the dog is infected.


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If the dog is healthy, it is fine. But dogs lick their crotch and stuff, kinda nasty after they're done with that then they lick your baby's face, but if it is not their face then it doesn't matter that much.


I'M certain that it is relatively safe for a dog to lick a baby. What gives me stinky-face is the fact that doggies go around but-sniffing all the day long, I don't want to kiss a butt face smelling baby no matter how cute :)


On the feet? Arm? Cheek? Sure.. My dog would lick my kids IN their mouth.. lol.. would just walk by them and slurp.. lol.. I was so grossed out.. and in the beginning a little panicky.. especially since chances are my dog had just spent some time licking himself...

But no harm done.. lol.. My kids ate and licked so much worse...like grocery carts.. ugh..

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Is a dog licking a baby safe
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