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Are school uniforms good or bad?

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I loved when my children's school required uniforms. It made life much easier for a few reasons. First, mornings were soooo much less frustrating when it came to choosing an outfit for the day; instead of choosing from their regular clothes it was only a choice of shorts or skirt or dress for my daughter and shorts or pants for my son.

Next was the elimination of the name brand stigma, enough said.

Then the focus was more on school and school work and away from fitting in via clothes.

That's my two cents. You're welcome.


My twin boys have to wear uniforms this year for school. Sometimes I feel it is a hassell. I am a clearance rack shopper so I find the cutest stuff for cheap! You cannot find uniforms on clearnace, rarely can you find them on sale! But on the flip side I like it because you dont really have to worry about other kids picking or making fun if another child doesnt have the nicest clothing. I think there are pros and cons.


I think school uniforms would be wonderful!!! Having twins it would make it a lot easier too. There would be no more arguing etc.... In general school uniforms would assist with bullying as well. Maybe the social standards wouldn't be as big as a problem. Who wears which brands or who has the coolest jeans? Every kid would look the same, so just maybe who they are, would be more important than what they are wearing.


I don't like them at Christmas time we buy our kids new clothes along with shoes socks and their toys they want. When school starts thats more clothes to buy along with school supplies plus for some reason with the uniforms its harder to find clothes that fit my daughter I don't know why.


i went to private school my entire educational career ( given the exception of graduate school). let me tell you... wearing a uniform was SO easy ... yes it lends to conformity and might stifle individuality BUT it is so easy to get dressed in the AM ... you do not have to fuss about what you wear or if something goes with something else... you have a prescribed wardrobe and it must be adhered to...it made life so much easier for me!

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Are school uniforms good or bad?
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