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Best diapers and wipes for your baby

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Have you ladies heard of Andy Pandy diapers? obsessed with them! My baby is 6 months and she hasnt had diaper rash at all! I think they're only sold on Amazon. I looked in stores. These are the ones I have. Im on my 20th pack HAHAH


I use Luvs diapers and get the cheapest wipes.


Huggies are my favorite of all. I use their diapers and wipes. If I had to get another brand I would get pampers and then Luvs last.

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Baby checklist. Week 2
1. It’s never too early for tummy time! I’ve started laying my baby on her belly for a few minutes every day to help baby build her neck and back muscles.
Best diapers and wipes for your baby
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Can't believe my lil man is 6 months already!!!
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