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When to introduce suppy cups to babies

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The straw was with cup and juice of course, the sippy cup helps to prevent spills, for our convenience hee-he!


Sucking is a natural instinctive reflex, what I did with my children was transition them or introduce them to that natural reflex which they were already using in a different way, in the rawest form, and that was with a straw, seems that when you put a straw up to babes mouth a sucking reflex happens, independent of mommie or daddy, they believe that it's a new (sooo-Big!) thing, they will let you know! Pucker UP!


As soon as Malachi turned one we took away bottles and gave him sippy cups. It took a few days for him to get used to them but after that he was good to go!


My son is 7.5 months old and wasn't holding his bottle himself like I thought he should be, so I decided to give him a sippy cup of the same brand, one that has the handles to make it easier. He holds it no problem and drinks the same amt as he would from his bottle so I've actually ditched the bottles completely and he uses just the sippy cups. He didn't need anytime to make the change. He was using his Nuk bottle one day and then using his Nuk sippy the next day with no issues. I do have to help him put his hands on the handles initially as he's only been using it for a couple days, but once I put his hands on the handles he holds it and can take it out of his mouth and put it back in. My daughter also went right from the bottle to a sippy with little or no time in between, she was older though about 12 months before I even tought to give her something other than the bottle(I was a lot younger back then lol, she's almost 12 now). But I know a lot of babies don't have as easy of a time with it and may need to go slower with the change. Both bottles and sippy's Nuk is the only brand my son will drink from, I tried several bottles when he was a newborn and a couple other sippys and he won't drink from them.


I was advised to start introducing a cup at 6 months using an ounce of water or breastmilk. You could also use formula. It will take awhile for your child to get use to any kind of cup since this is a new transition. Take your time with them, they'll get the hang of it soon.


I'm still breast feeding, and when my fiancee and I have our date nights, I pump and put it in a bottle. Lately James has been hating the bottle, so we put breast milk in a sippy cup and at first he hated it and now he's starting to like it.

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When to introduce suppy cups to babies
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