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Best thing after having my baby

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The best thing after having my babies was the reality that I'm a mom and I have someone to live for. The first time my oldest said 'I love you mommy', I balled my eyes out and she gave me a big hug. I wouldn't give up being a mom for the world!


Realizing I had someone to live and care for. I knew she changed my life but I knew it was for the best. Just looking down at her after she was born was just a moment I'll never forget!


I am amazed at the amnesia you get after having a baby. Yes, it is very painful, but once you hold (and if you choose to breastfeed) your little one, all the pain in the world just melts away.


I think just holding baby after waiting nine months. Then of course nursing baby and watching baby sleep. Yes, I will never forget the first time my husband changed a diaper.

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1. I’ve thought about whether I want a birth partner like a doula at my labor. I figure my partner might need some help with giving me massages and bringing me ice chips.
Best thing after having my baby
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