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You are always pregnant

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Honey, I don't think you need to worry! I fell down our front porch steps at 5 months pregnant with twins and I got banged up but, the babies were fine!


I'm afraid during the pregnancy. Especially to go out. i'm afraid if someone accidentally hit me and I fall down.


My husband and I were married almost 2-1/2 years before I was pregnant. I learned that I have negative blood, which somehow affects my ability to conceive. So I'm happy with my four children!


I love being pregnant! I think that it's because I have never had any major problems during the term or during the actual birth. So this will be my third baby girl(I' am pregnant now in my 21 week)I expect the baby on the 20th of August! I' am thinking of having two or three more.


My husband was really good about reassuring me about my body. He's actually told me that he finds pregnant women attractive (not in a creepy perv kind of way) and he loved it when I was between 4-7 months pregnant.


I always enjoyed being pregnant, right up until my fifth. My second term loss kind of robbed me of some joy with the rest of my pregnancies.My favorite pregnancy was my first. All the newness and loving being pregnant.

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You are always pregnant
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