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What age did you stop breastfeeding

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Marron was 6 months, Havyn was 8 1/2 months and Nahara was 7 months. Kyle is almost 2 months and still going strong.


Owen was 2 weeks when I stopped breastfeeding. I not only started to dry up but his latch was so bad non of the lactation nurses could help when were were in the hospital. Also it hurt so SO SO bad I just couldn't handle it. Since his latch was so bad he would just get frustrated and give up and stop eating. Once we figured out a good formula for him (Up and UP Sensitive- the purple one) He did great and started to gain weight. For my next kids I will just be doing formula. I'm not going to try that again it was so stressful and frustrating I couldn't handle it.


Tristen was almost 7 months old when he stopped nursing. He completely lost interest in it. We tried and tried for a few weeks and he just wouldn't do it any longer. I would have tried to go at least a year if he had shown interest, but I am happy with the months that we made it.


My other ones I didn't make it past 3 months.

But I cant see myself going that far into 21/2 years that does seem like such a long time. I just don't think it is necessary once they get a set of teeth in and are walking and saying words. So my plans are to start the weaning process at a year of age with Isabella.


I am 44 and currently breastfeeding my 3 year 3 month old.


Breastmilk is milk and has a benefit.

I would breastfeeding my daughter until age 5 if she wanted. The worldwide average weaning age is 4yrs old. In some countries breastfeeding is done until 7yr old commonly.

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What age did you stop breastfeeding
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