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What makes you a proud mom?

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Seeing all 14 of my kids.


Seeing that my daughter is healthy and right on track. Also, seeing the happiness and sparkle in her eyes.


I am proud when my children learn and discover something new. I am proud with each milestone they reach, whether it be early or late. I am proud when they love to learn and enjoy books and being read to. I am proud when my daughter behaves like the best sister in the world and loves her brother more than anything. I am proud to be able to be their mother and that they were chosen for me. I am proud when they try their utmost best in something. I am proud when they are sweet, caring, and kind to other people and animals. I am proud when my daughter wants to say their prayer at the dinner table. And, I am most proud when they are happy, smiling, and laughing. It fills my heart with tremendous joy.


I am a proud mom when someone says Thank you and my son reply with a Your welcome or they give him something and he says Thank you so much, or someone sneeze and he says bless you!!! Ppl ask me oh my god bless him how old is he and as proud mom I say He's only 2 yrs old!!!


I am a proud mother of a 20 year old daughter that graduated top of her class with a SAT score 1120. She going to college to major in graphic design. My husband and i have raised her to the best of our ability and from here on out she is doing what she needs to do to succeed in life. Also for our son with his disability we got him past his hurdle in life. He is now in 12 grade he going to graduate. We are going to push him to go to college as well his education does not have to stop and will continue to keep going.


I am proud of my son when he does his best, when he is willing to try, when he displays strong moral (kind, thoughtful, understanding, appreciative, honest, loving), when he struggles, and it is particularly rewarding when someone compliments me on his behavior, not out of hubris, but because I am always questioning whether or not I am a good Mom. When other people see his positive characteristics it's proof that we are helping him to become a great person. I am extremely proud of him 99% of the time?a


Gosh, what DOESN'T make me a proud mom?? I'm proud that she's adorable, proud that she's polite, proud that she behaves in public for the most part, proud that she's smart, I'm proud that she likes books and animals, that she likes to brush her teeth, that she likes fruits and vegetables... I'm proud that she's mine <3

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What makes you a proud mom?
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