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Female blood is renewed every 3 years (by their birthday) and male blood is renewed every 4 years on their birthday. It says that whoever’s blood is younger (last renewed) on the day of conception, the baby will be of that gender. So, if father’s last renewal of blood is later than mother’s last renewal date, it’s going to be a boy. Try to determine the gender of your baby using this method!

Caution! Large blood loss also leads to renewal of blood, so when filling out the form test, put the date of the last blood lost (blood transfusion, blood donation, surgery, or your birthday)
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Find the gender
The team suggests you take the test to determine the sex of the child based on the renewal of parents’ blood. It is a fairly new, but already well-proven method of determining the sex of the child, which is taken as a basis of renewed blood cycles. In women, it happens once every three years, and in men, once in every four years. The sex of the child depends on whose blood was younger, that is, if it is fresher in the father, the sex of the child is male; if it is fresher in the mother, and then the child will be female.

How do you calculate the sex of the child by this method? Simply enter the dates of birth for the future mom and dad and click “find the gender”. But if you have already given birth or had surgeries, you are a donor, you received a blood transfusion, the blood has been renewed and the sex of the child in this case should be calculated based on the date of the last blood loss (by 1000mL).
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