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What are the rules here?
Moms.com is a supportive and friendly place. You can find our rules at https://moms.com/terms/. By joining Moms.com you are agreeing to abide by the terms of use.

What should I do if I see a problem or have a concern?
If you have a problem or a concern please email your concerns to elena@moms.com. You can also send a private message to any Hostess or to our Editor, Elena.

Who is the Moms.com Community Staff?
The Moms.com Community Staff are mostly made up of real moms, just like you!

How do I contact the Moms.com Staff?
There are two ways to contact us, email or submit a feedback.

You can email us at elena@moms.com.

To submit a feedback you will use the pink button on the right side of the screen. Fill out your information and select the proper category. You can also include a screen shot of the issue by checking Click to automatically attach a screenshot of this page.

Account & Settings:
How do I change my password?
It’s really easy to change your password. Go to https://moms.com/settings/. Enter your old password and your new password and repeat. Click change password and you are all set.

What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, we have you covered. On the sign in page, click Forgot password and enter your email address. You will receive an email from us.

How do I change my screen name?
To change your name go to our profile https://moms.com/profile/ and edit your name.

To set your screen name you can go to your settings https://moms.com/settings/. Your screen name will automatically be numbers but you can change it to a unique screen name, once you set your screen name it can no longer be changed.

How do I add my contact information?
You can add your social networks to your Moms.com account. Select My Contacts and check which social networks you would like to connect. A pop up will tell you how to complete the task. If you have a pop up blocker, you will need to allow popups from Moms.com

How do I change my notification settings?
You can control how often you receive emails from us. Go to your account settings https://moms.com/settings/ and click Notifications. Unselect any items you don’t want to get emails for and click save settings.

How do I deactivate my account?
We are so sorry to see you go. You can deactivate your account in Account Settings. Select the Deactivate My Account tab. We hope you find what you are looking for in a mom’s community. We are always here if you decide to come back.

How do I make a profile?
Profiles are a great way to share information with other members. Go to https://moms.com/profile/. You can include information like your name, location and a little bit about you.

How do I set a profile photo?
We love seeing your smiling face. You can add a profile picture by clicking on the big circle next to your name. Select the photo you would like to use and click open.

How do I add my children to my profile?
You can add your awesome kids to your profile too. Please put their name and birthdate, you can also chose if you have a boy or a girl. You can add all of your children by clicking save child.

How do I add my children’s photos to my profile?
Members enjoy seeing your adorable children. To add a photo of your children click the camera on next to where you enter their information. Select the photo you would like to use.

How do I add or change my location?
If you would like to include your location, you can do so by scrolling down to the bottom of the Edit profile page. Enter your zip code. You can also include where you were born or your hometown.

How do I create a post?
You can create a post by clicking Posts or on the Buzz Feed. You will see something that says what’s on your mind? Enter the subject and type your post in the add text section. Click add post. You can also add a post directly from your profile.

How do I add a picture in a post?
Adding a photo is fun to do. To add a photo in your post, just click attach a photo and select the photo you would like to use and click open. You can enlarge the photo in a post by clicking on it.

How do I post a picture in a comment?
You can also post a photo in a comment. This is a great feature for when a member asks a question or you want to share a photo. To add a photo in the comments, just click attach a photo and select the photo you would like to use and click open. You can enlarge the photo in a post by clicking on it.

How do I invite followers to my post?
Inviting followers to read your posts is great to meet new friends. Click the invite followers button and select followers you want to invite. You can also invite your friends by entering their email address.

How do I share my post?
You can share your post via Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus to invite your friends off the site to any post or moment. Look for the social media buttons and click the one you would like to share with.

How do I create a moment?
Moments are an exciting way to share your emotions and thoughts through picture. To create a moment go to https://moms.com/buzz/moments/#moments You can either add your own photo by selecting the camera or you can choose one of our graphics. You can add text on the side of the photo and change the background design and color.

What is Moms Expertise?
Moms Expertise is a growing community-based collection of real mom experiences.

Who are the Experts?
Every mom is an Expert. Our Experts are moms like you, who have their unique experience and are ready to share.

Can I become an Expert?
Are you mom? Then yes.

How can I become an Expert?
To become an Expert find a topic in our expertise section and post your experience and thoughts with moms like you.

Find Moms:
How do I find other moms?
Connecting with other moms is the best part of Moms.com. To find other moms go to https://moms.com/people/ or you can just jump right in and start reading posts and commenting.

How do I find moms near me?
If you are looking for moms near you, Select the Green Find Moms button and click find moms near me. Another way to find moms near you is click your location in a post. It will show you all the members near you. Be sure to check often because we are growing every day

How do I find moms in the same stage as me?
To connect with moms with children in the same stage as you, go to https://moms.com/people/ and select same stage.

How do I find moms the same age as me?
We have a wide range of moms here on the site. If you are looking for members that are the same age as you, click the green Find Moms button and click Same Age as me. This is great when you are looking for other Teen Moms or older moms.

How do I follow other moms?
Following other moms is an awesome way to keep up with their posts. You can follow other moms by going to their profile and clicking the green follow button. You can also follow other moms in posts.

How do I invite my friends to join?
Love Moms.com, why not share it with your friends? Click following at the top of the site. Select Invite Moms. You can enter their email address and customize the message that is sent. When they sign up they will automatically be added to your followers.

Private Messages:
How do I message other members?
If you would like to message a member privately, you can go to their profile and click the envelope. We also have stickers to add a personal touch. Click add sticker. When you are finished sending the message just click send.

How do I see my notifications?
Notifications make it simple to see if you have a new follower or comments and likes on your content, just look at the symbol on the top of the screen or click on this link: https://moms.com/profile/notifications

How do I know if I have a new notification?
When another member comments or likes your content you will receive a notification. There will be a green dot on the symbol at the top of your screen to alert you to new notifications.

How do I mark my notifications as read?
There are three ways to mark notifications as read. If you click on the notification and read the content it will be marked as read. You can hover over the content notification with your cursor and a little red X will pop up and you can click on it. Or you can go to your notifications https://moms.com/profile/notifications and click “Mark all as viewed”.

Mobile Site:
To access our mobile site, go to m.moms.com on your phone or tablet.

How to create a post on the Mobile Site?
Our mobile site is great for when you are on the go or at the doctor’s office. You can create a post but clicking the notepad.

How to Create a Moment on the Mobile Site?
Skip uploading your photos to your computer or Facebook before sharing a moment. You can add moments straight from your phone. Click the Camera in the top right corner. You can also take a picture from your camera or use a photo you have in your phone.

Team Players:
What is a Team Player?
A Team Player is a volunteer for Moms.com! Team Players assist the Team Leader in keeping our Community active and supportive. Team Players can help create expertise questions, moderate posts, and even make top posts. Our Team Players are members that love Moms.com and help to make Moms.com the best place for all moms.

Who is a Team Player?
Team Players are members just like you! Team Players are active members of Moms.com who wanted to be more involved. Our Team Players are positive and inviting and help maintain the supportive environment that we love here on Moms.com. Team Players also strive to understand and follow the Moms.com Terms of Use.

How can I become a Team Player?
If you are interested in becoming a Team Player for Moms.com please send a private message to any Hostess or to our Editor, Elena.