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Something as social as moms
Moms.com is all about communication - tell stories, ask for advice, share news, like, comment, find friends and talk to each other. On Moms.com we can just talk without hanging labels - "breast-feeding mom," "young mom", "mom with twins" ...

Is just Mom not enough to say it all?

Something as useful as moms advice
That's why there is "Moms Expertise" - a growing community-based collection of real and unique mom experience. Here you can find solutions to your issues and help other moms by sharing your own advice. Because every mom who's been there is the best Expert for her baby.

Something as emotional as a happy moment...
And we've found our Moms Moments - special feature to be proud, be happy, be touched, smile and love, love - as only a mother can. It’s all about the special moments that make motherhood unique.